Alanna's Hearty-Heart Healthy Muffins


I'm learning to blog. It all started when I googled the Web for a healthy muffin recipe. The few general cooking sites I had bookmarked led me to other sites ... blogs ... orange B's I hadn't noticed before seemed to be everywhere. I soon learned about Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and all the other blog hosts and software packages out there for those who want to build a little blog and need a lot of help.

I've downloaded several of these sites on my Mac. Blogger is the one I've chosen to learn on. Typepad, unfortunately, is not free. Learning and loving what you learn -- be it cooking, blogging, reading, novel writing or whatever else interests you -- is good living.

And those muffins I was looking for -- I found an incredible recipe for Hearty Heart-Loving Muffins on Alanna Kellogg's site, Veggie Venture My husband ate all but two of the first batch before bed (I did help a little). The second and third batches went just as quickly. I froze most of the fourth batch and set two to thaw in the frig each night for breakfast. I'm learning.

DH is not warm to the idea of waiting until I photograph his food before he gets to eat it. But he sure did like those muffins, so I have his cautious support. Thanks Alanna!

I'm in. Blogging and cooking with the help of you all. Wish me luck!


kelly said...

Wow I can't believe you have this site up! How cool! I will read it when I get back from an appoint. Can't wait to see everything

Katie said...

Oh blogs.
I'll add this to my neverending list of sites I read every day.
It will thrive among the gay fashion commentary.
And musicals.


Alanna said...

Hey Bookbum, What planet have I been on to miss this post? These muffins really are the greatest and yours look absolutely delicious. Welcome to food blogging and I hope you find the same warm welcome that I did almost two years ago now. - AK